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Get the Job Done with MaintenanceTek

ResourceTek’s MaintenanceTek division helps your company with industrial maintenance. We offer services like adding staff when needed and providing specialized maintenance teams for ongoing and occasional maintenance PM and emergency tasks. Leave the Maintenance to Us Trusting MaintenanceTek with your maintenance support lets you focus on your primary business while utilizing professional technical support in…

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Five Ways Employers Win (And Lose) Loyalty

Employee loyalty is an important but often under-appreciated part of any workplace. The more an employee feels that they are valued and that their employer has their best interests in mind, the more likely they are to remain with the employer. However, many employees find themselves frustrated with their current positions and begin looking for…

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The Metals Industry is White Hot

There’s an old saying: “Strike while the iron is hot.” It means taking advantage of an opportunity at the best possible time. And when it comes to opportunities, the metals industry is white hot now. Whether you are looking to further your career in metalworking or if you want to change career paths and explore…


Find Your Path to Success

Finding the right career path can be challenging, especially in increasingly uncertain times. Due to events like the pandemic and the resulting instability in the economy, workers have found themselves pursuing more secure and better-paying lines of work. The growing demand for skilled labor also means a wide range of opportunities for job-seekers. Right now,…

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Should You Stay an Engineer or Become a Manager?

In the hit television series Silicon Valley, a brilliant engineer named Richard invents a revolutionary compression algorithm for his startup called Pied Piper. Richard and his teammates quickly gain success and must learn how to navigate the many nuances of business development for a multi-million-dollar company. Eventually, Richard faces the same question that many successful…


Established, Nashville-Based Resource and Staffing Organization to Rebrand and Modernize

ResourceTek, a long-standing staffing and resource organization in Nashville, TN, has modernized the company brand and updated its website. As a subsidiary of Barge Design Solutions, ResourceTek provides technical staffing in the areas of Engineering, Design, Project Management, and Industrial Maintenance for dozens of major organizations across the south. The modernization of this brand will…