Finding the right career path can be challenging, especially in increasingly uncertain times. Due to events like the pandemic and the resulting instability in the economy, workers have found themselves pursuing more secure and better-paying lines of work. The growing demand for skilled labor also means a wide range of opportunities for job-seekers.

Right now, the automotive industry has a major need for engineers, designers, project managers, and technical specialists on all levels, which has also led to higher salaries and better job security.

If you’re looking for a change in your career path, ResourceTek is dedicated to helping you find your path to the perfect job. We cut through the bureaucracy and red tape to get you where you want to be, working on challenging projects, gaining valuable experience, sharpening your skills, and enjoying better compensation and benefits.

A Wide Range of Choices

We know there’s always more than one path to success. The automotive industry has a wide range of positions and career paths to follow, covering multiple areas of expertise. ResourceTek’s experienced team is here to help you find the position that best fits your skills and experience.

Some of the positions in the automotive industry currently open include:

  • Electrical Designer: Create diagrams and schematics for electrical wiring. This position is perfect for those who are familiar with drafting for technology and using software like AutoCAD.
  • Production Group Lead: Lead, mentor, and provide support for a team of workers. If you’re skilled in complex problem-solving and have the “people skills” to lead and motivate a team, this could be the path for you.
  • Process Engineer: Organize, schedule, and coordinate the execution of complex engineering tasks. This can be a great fit if you’re skilled at planning and knowledgeable about engineering processes and procedures.
  • Project Engineer: Support multiple facility expansion projects, and work directly with our client’s construction project management team and vendors to provide leadership and administration for a long-term contract assignment.

These are only a handful of the career paths you can find through us. No matter your skill level or experience, we’re dedicated to finding the best position for you.

A Guiding Hand

ResourceTek is more than just a group of “headhunters.” We’re here to help guide you on the best possible career path. We make sure you find the best fit for your particular skills and give you the opportunities you need to succeed.

Our employees enjoy exceptional compensation, strong benefits, and the opportunity to work on challenging projects, gain valuable experience, and find career growth opportunities. Because we partner with some of the best companies in the country, we can help you avoid the typical bureaucracy that comes with big corporate structures to place you in desirable work environments. And if you find opportunities working for the employer directly, we can set you up for success by helping you transition to a direct full-time position.

Take the First Step

The automotive industry has plenty of exciting, challenging, and rewarding career paths available to you. No matter which path you take, no matter where you are on your journey, we’re here to help you along the way. ResourceTek will provide you with the support, benefits, and guidance to make your dreams a reality.

Call ResourceTek today to switch to the job of your dreams in the automotive industry.