It’s often said that good help is hard to find, but very rarely do people appreciate how true that is when it comes to the professional world. This is especially true for technical professions, most of which require specialized training and experience in a particular field, be it software, computer systems, engineering, operating machinery, or any number of other positions. Finding skilled workers who can perform the job can be a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive process.

More companies than ever have begun to partner with firms dedicated to providing technical talent to meet their needs. These firms can make it faster and easier to connect companies to the talent they’re looking for, saving employers time and money, and helping workers develop their own careers.

Good help doesn’t have to be hard to find. Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with a dedicated technical recruiting firm.

1: Quicker Access to Talent

When companies look for new talent, they not only have to search for the right people but compete against each other for the people they need. Firms like ResourceTek are constantly developing their talent pool, finding people with the right tools for the job. They can often provide suitable candidates for a position within days of the job becoming available.

2: Access to Deeper Talent Networks

A good recruiting firm isn’t content to begin and end its search for talent with whoever has submitted a résumé and cover letter. They will spend years creating deep and interconnected talent networks, consisting of people with relevant skills, connections, and referrals to other workers. If candidates in a firm’s network can’t perform the job your company requires, chances are they will know someone who can.

3: Experts in the Field

Technical positions require specialized knowledge and technical recruiters need to know the tech industry inside and out to understand what your company needs. This lets them narrow down their pool of talent to those best suited for a role, making sure anyone they present as a candidate has the right qualifications.

4: Streamlining the Hiring Process

Because firms have already checked and vetted the people in their talent networks, the process of finding and hiring candidates becomes faster and simpler. By the time your company interviews a potential candidate, much of the initial onboarding work has already been done, saving valuable time and resources.

5: Reduced Hiring Risks

In addition to keeping your company from wasting time sifting through résumés and interviewing bad candidates, a dedicated human resources firm can help reduce risks of legal trouble from administration errors and misclassifications. By staying up to date on federal and regional labor laws and regulations, they can make sure your company is in compliance.

6: Controlling and Reducing Costs

Hiring employees directly can come with a number of costs beyond their direct hourly or salary pay. When you account for the cost of advertising, benefits, payroll taxes, and other unexpected expenses, it can start to add up. However, employees working for firms like ResourceTek already enjoy competitive benefits that can be equal to or better than many direct employers, so your company can reduce the overhead cost of acquiring talent while knowing your workers are being fairly compensated.

7: Keeping Up with Busy Periods

As companies grow, so does the amount of work that needs to be done. Without enough employees to meet the demand, staff can become overworked and burned out. By partnering with an experienced talent firm, you can be assured your company’s workforce has the staff they need when they need it.

8: Meeting Project-based Needs

Sometimes a project needs subject matter expertise or additional staff to augment your current in-house project teams.  Project- based staffing and talent acquisition can benefit your company and the workers alike. Over 90% of contract employees claim working project-based assignments has helped their career in the long term, adding references and contacts to their résumé allowing them to pick the projects they want to pursue.

9: A Chance for Long-Term Success

Working with a recruitment firm not only gives workers opportunities to put their skills to work but lets employers appraise their performance before making a long-term commitment. This can allow your company to work with an employee, evaluate how they fit into the work environment, and track their progress. If a permanent position happens to open up, you then have a clear idea of who will be a good fit.

10: Committing to Your Success

Having a dedicated and committed partner in any endeavor can be a major benefit, especially when it comes to finding and acquiring personnel. For talent firms, having a good reputation and standing with partner companies increases the chances of further business in the future, so they have a vested interest in making sure your company gets the right people in the right places.

ResourceTek is a leading provider of technical staffing services, working closely with companies and workers alike to get the best possible match of candidates for jobs. We offer a wide variety of recruitment solutions customized to your needs, from contract or project-based employment to direct placement. More than being another “headhunter” agency, our leadership team has decades of industry experience and is dedicated to helping our partner companies and our workers succeed.

Good help doesn’t have to be hard to find. Let ResourceTek become your technical human resources partner: