Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Manager

In support of our client, a state government entity that needs to maintain an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program for their organization, ResourceTek is seeking an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Manager who will be responsible for the organization’s continued development of their drone flight operations program. In this role, you will be the point of contact for all UAS operations within the agency and coordinate with federal, state, and private entities.  The client started a small UAS program approximately five years ago and are looking for the program to grow and stay up to date and relevant to the latest state and federal guidelines as well as technology associated with Unmanned Aircraft Systems. This is a long-term, multi-year contract position with benefits located in the Atlanta Georgia area. 

The minimum qualifications for this position are:
•    Undergraduate Degree in aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, business, or related field that support a UAS knowledge base necessary to advance and operate a state UAS Program.
•    Possession of a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.

Two years’ professional experience in the following areas:
•    Aviation safety and legal compliance inspector for a governmental agency; or Aviation program administrator for a large business or governmental organization.
•    Experience with Model or other unmanned aircraft operations.
•    Extensive knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations sufficient to research, ensure compliance, educate, and train pilots and unmanned aircraft operators and other airport operations.
•    Computer knowledge and experience sufficient to create training materials, manage database of airport information, analyze reports and issue data to upper management.

Preferred Experience:
Two or more years of experience in:
•    Demonstrated leadership, developing a growing UAS Program with insight into the emerging Urban Air Mobility area.
•    Demonstrated ability to understand industry advancements and the ability to bring innovations to implementation, that enhances UAS operations and uses saving time, money, and increasing safety for a large organization.
•    Ensuring compliance with all FAA regulations/guidelines to operate a state UAS Program.
•    Developing and maintaining an educational/training program for operators, visual observers, and other UAS personnel to ensure compliance of a growing UAS Program.
•    Managing databases, analyzing reports, and manage dashboard overviews of flight and uses of UAS in a large Program environment.
•    Developing policy and procedures to maintain control of a decentralized UAS organization.
•    Working with emergency operations and the integration of UAS in pre-and post- recovery. 

Additional Responsibilities Include:
•    Operate a diverse fleet of small UAS in a variety of environments to conduct different mission types.
•    Recommends all UAS Purchase Applications to Agency Management, or requests for the purchase of unmanned aircraft and accompanying equipment and software programs.
•    Recommends all requests by employees to Agency Management to study for, training or testing for their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.
•    Maintains a database of all employees with a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.
•    Oversees all internal and external pilot training and maintains a database of those who have completed such.
•    Using Agency reporting system, reports usage data regularly to management on Pilot Operations and Aircraft Inventory.
•    Registers and Maintains all the agency’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems through the FAA DroneZone site and works through Agency Safety Office to obtain appropriate insurance on all aircraft.
•    Maintains all UAS Preflight Check Forms and Post-flight Check Log Forms.
•    Ensures compliance with this UAS policies and all applicable federal and state laws.
•    Coordinates with Legal Services to update this UAS policy as federal and state laws change.
•    Maintains contact with the FAA and reports to the FAA on any serious injury to any person or property.
•    Coordinates with Office of Employment Relations and Safety when necessary.
•    Coordinates with the Office of Communications when necessary.
•    Prepares articles on UAS activities for agency publicity.
•    Maintains a file for each UAS Pilot which shall include copies of the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate, training records, UAS incidents, etc.
•    Maintains a file for each Visual Observer which shall include copies of training records, UAS incidents, etc.
•    Investigates any alleged unsafe or dangerous acts committed during the operation of an UAS.
•    Provides the FAA with any required data, information or documentation or access to UAS and equipment.
•    Oversee annual Inventory and Preventive Maintenance Inspections.
•    Ensures compliance with UAS policies and all applicable federal/state laws.
•    Maintain an organizational structure for UAS Pilots/Visual Observers.
•    Researches and approves software applications that apply to the UAS functions.
•    Coordinates with offices and agencies both internal and external to insure the UAS Program is represented and communicates to appropriate parties.
•    Travels and represents the organization throughout the US to bring innovations back to the organization.
•    Develops and delivers presentations to external groups to explain the organizations activities in the UAS field.
•    Collaborates with Agency Research Office on research proposals and advances the use of UAS for the benefit of this transportation agency to create safety, efficiency, and cost savings.  

Benefits and Compensation:
ResourceTek provides benefits including paid holidays, vacation; medical, dental and vision insurances and more.  ResourceTek is an equal opportunity employer.
Starting Salary is commensurate with experience with a range of $65,000-$85,000 annually.
To apply:  Submit a cover letter and updated resume to Melissa Moore, Senior Technical Recruiter with ResourceTek, LLC.  MMoore@resource-tek.com