Construction Project Manager

This is a direct hire opportunity with very good benefits for a mid-level Construction Project Manager who is willing to travel as the constructin jobs present themselves.  The Construction Project Manager will collaborate with the US Army field offices relating to Project Management and Construction Engineering for various projects.  The initial 18 months plus project, starting around January 1, 2021, will be in the Eastern North Carolina area.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Support the completion of preliminary engineering specifications of construction and supply contracts for assigned projects
  • Support the development of Project Construction Execution Plan to accomplish project goals and provide leadership on the project teams
  • Participate in the supplier qualification process and in selecting qualified suppliers and contractors in the RFP process
  • Assist in hiring competent field staff to ensure adequate resources are in place for effective and timely execution of the project
  • Manage the project construction schedules and budgets and coordinate the same with other team participants including the Project Construction Manager
  • Coordinate all the internal and external relations necessary to assure the development and delivery of the project site
  • Manage contractors to ensure project construction activities and the execution of work are performed to ensure that quality, schedule, cost, safety, environmental, and landowner requirements are met
  • Supervise field staff and maintain current knowledge of the overall project, leading the resolution of differences when required and reviewing plans and procedures to identify and effect changes when necessary
  • Maintain familiarity with contracts and documents in order to ensure that work is executed in accordance with EDPR’s expectations and that the work fulfills contractual requirements
  • Develop effective relationships with contractors, suppliers, engineers, consultants, local officials, and permitting officials to ensure successful, timely completion of deliverables that support the project goals
  • Develop effective and supportive relationships with colleagues including those with responsibilities in other areas of the company such as development, operations, tax, accounting, finance, electric sale, insurance, legal, etc.
  • Additional duties as required

A project manager is responsible for the following tasks over the life cycle of a project in accordance with the Project Management Operations Manual (PMOM).

  • Planning Project Resources: Develop a feasible plan that achieves the goals and objectives of the project and aligns with the organization’s overall business strategy. Define the project’s scope and determine what resources are available, estimate time and financial commitment, as well as how to monitor and report on the project’s progress.

  • Assembling and Leading Project Team: Determine resource loading requirements for the project based on the scope of work. Determine required skills. Assign team tasks with deadlines, ensure milestones are met based upon established performance metrics. Meet regularly to obtain status updates to chart their progress, while reallocate resources as needed to avoid blocking team members or overburdening them.

  • Time Management: Define, schedule and accurately estimate the task duration to develop and maintain a realistic schedule.

    1. Develop bottom up estimates, receive management approval, and keep the project within or under the allocated budget. Monitor the actual spend as compared to the planned budget and manage budget to ensure a project is completed within the budget or change orders are processed if the scope changes during the work effort.
  • Quality and Satisfaction: Deliver to our stakeholders what they expected or better and make sure that they’re satisfied with the results. Be in constant communications with stakeholders, reporting on progress and being open to their feedback.

  • Manage Issues and Risk: Manage any problems that may arise and be ready to resolve them quickly. Identify risks and mitigate through engineering controls or other methods.

  • Monitoring Progress: Collect project data, such as status reports and ensure the actual progress of the project is meeting what you had initially planned. Things are going to change along the way, and you’re going to have to adjust or reallocate resources to accommodate these changes. If you’re not monitoring this, you’re managing in the dark.

  • Reporting and Documentation: Maintain daily, weekly, and monthly reports in accordance with the Project Management Manual.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Education: Bachelor’s Degree


Preferred Skills

Possess at least three (3) years of relevant experience or a combination of education and directly related experience equal to seven (7) years.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities

Contract negotiation

Conflict resolution experience


Able to tolerate stress and multi-tasking